All-Access: Nashville Knights

by Lindsay Miller
Photos by Alyssa Barker

Whitney Palmer

Current Occupation: Manages Vortex Performance in Huntsville, AL.

Current Meal Plan: Very regimented prep throughout the week with slight modifications depending on the intensity of workouts and training. Balance is my key. I don’t believe in depriving myself. I eat to grow and perform adequately because my fitness routine is designed for performance.

So, we heard you’re fluent in sign language? Yes. My brother is hearing impaired and also battles diabetes. Health and wellness is a huge part of my life, so I do everything in my power to promote a healthy lifestyle.

I’m certified with the crisis center of North Alabama and participate in volunteering and bringing awareness to suicide prevention and domestic violence as well.

It sounds like you take a lot of pride in being a professional athlete. Being a role model means everything. Advocating for others helps me possess and perfect, leadership skills. The passion, camaradiere, discipline, and the hunger to become more along side your teammates are just a few reasons why I love football.

Is your healthy lifestyle just about work for you? No, but it helps. It’s an avenue to greatness. The longevity, growth, and ultimate feel-good is the safest legal high you can get – all while you mold into the most phenomenal version of yourself. It’s vital that we pay attention to our mind, body, and spirit and always fuel it with optimism.

One of the biggest messages I’d like to convey is one I have learned myself through this lifestyle – embrace your individuality despite what others say. Fight for what you believe in, set your intentions while clearing your path. Once you’ve opened that door, absolutely nothing can stand in your way.

Janetra Gleaves

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Current fitness regimen: I enjoy high-intensity. I’m always up for a sprint workout! Running is a stress reliever for me. Growing up, I was taught to hold in my emotions, which was horrible, so I turned to running as an outlet. The further I ran, the more I felt my burdens float away.

What does playing women’s professional football mean to you? I love the fact that I’m not only able to inspire females, but also admire the athletes I’m around everyday. I’d like to be an inspiration to those who grew up in similar circumstances as myself. Being raised by a single mom and being the oldest in a big family meant I was forced to take on adult responsibilities at a very young age.

I’m blessed be a part of the first ever women’s professional football team in Nashville. Even better, it’s coached by the first woman in the league, Danika Brace. I get to be among other powerful, strong, and competitive women who are passionate and have the same goals as me.

I want anyone who feels like they aren’t valued to know that they matter. Work hard for a cause, not applause. Live life to express, not impress. Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt.

Football has not only been an outlet for me emotionally, but it’s become a lifestyle. It has taught me to be disciplined, never be content, yet consistent, and remain focused. I’ve learn my greatest lessons through athletics because it exposes my weaknesses and forces me to challenge myself. I don’t allow my weaknesses to discourage me. Instead, they help build me into a stronger individual.

Bobbi Wolf

Hometown: Gilbert, AZ

Tell me about your experience as a member of the LFL: Football has always been my sport. Once I found the LFL, I was it’s biggest fan. In 2016, the Legends Cup was in my hometown. After watching it live, I knew I had to do whatever I could to become apart of the league.

The best part about being a professional athlete is having the opportunity to finally do the one thing I love the most! On top of that, being a part of this Nashville team is incredibly fulfilling. I don’t just have teammates, I have friends for life. I have learned amazing things can happen when you use your body to its full potential. Dream big, keep believing in yourself, and don’t ever let anybody dull your shine!

This opportunity to play football has changed my life. What once seemed like an impossible goal has turned into my reality. I fell as though I was wandering around aimlessly for a while – I had no direction or path in life. Football has relit a fire inside of me! It has given me direction and new ambitions in life. It hasn’t just changed me as an athlete, it has changed me as a person.

What is your reason for a fit lifestyle? I don’t want to wake up at eighty years old and say I let my dreams slip away from me. I want to live, not just exist! Hopefully, along the way, I can inspire others to follow their dreams too, no matter how crazy they might seem.

Rachel Bauman

Hometown: Portland, OR

Previous athletics: I grew up in the dance studio on a competitive team. It led into cheering professionally for about five years.

What do you do to stay in shape? Weight lifting and football practice mostly. I mix those with CrossFit. I need a little of everything to balance out all the tacos and pizza I eat!

Is there something you’ve learned from football you’d like to pass on? Stop overthinking and be selfish occasionally. Take care of yourself! Surround yourself with people who believe in every bit of you.

I’ve learned I really like keeping people on their toes – throwing curve balls and surprising them. Life is about adventures and taking leaps – pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and discovering who you are through new challenges.

Grasping opportunity without fear is some of the best medicines for the body and soul. It has allowed me to grow physically and mentally in my own life and hopefully that inspires someone else to do the same.

Being 28, and one of the rookies on the team, how has your short time with the LFL shaped you? I get a lot of reactions like, “You’re crazy!” or, “You should focus on your career,” and even more annoying, “Aren’t you afraid of getting hurt?” I really believe all of the push back I hear is from people who are too scared to take leaps in their own life.

This season with the LFL has made me tougher – more than any other stage of my life. Being coached by an amazing woman like Danika Brace – on and off the field – has helped mold and inspire me to be better. I take that attitude with me everywhere now.

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, find what makes you wake-up happy. That might mean I’m not ‘doing what I’m supposed to at this stage in my life,’ but I know I’ll never look back and regret this.

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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