A-List – Sept/Oct 2018

Edge Fitness Performance EDGE Peak Pre-Workout
Edge Fitness Performance (edgefitnessperformance.com)

EDGE Peak Pre-Workout has taken the most highly researched ingredients and dosed them clinically, delivering one of the most complete pre-workouts on the market. Owned and operated by Jacob Westerhouse, a former NCAA baseball player, Edge Fitness Performance is based right here in Nashville, TN. Some of the unique ingredients in Peak Pre-workout are electrolytes, beetroot extract and coconut water powder to increase hydration and blood flow. EDGE also produces other supplements including protein powders, amino acids and a fat-burner.

TenneCBD Formula Black
starting at $30
TenneCBD (labcanna.com)

TenneCBD has arrived! The power of CBD oil is real, and it’s been known to relieve joint pain, anxiety and depression. Grown and manufactured by LabCanna exclusively in Franklin, TN using a pure CBD isolate, TenneCBD Formula Black packs 1800mg of pure CBD in every 30ml bottle and has an organic mint flavor to it. Add to your morning smoothie, tea or coffee.

Four Sigmatic Chai Latte
starting at $20
Four Sigmatic (https://us.foursigmatic.com)

The power of mushrooms are all the rage right now. Get to the gut of the matter with Four Sigmatic’s new Chai Latte mix. It’s light and supports a happy belly with gut-loving turkey tail, calming reishi and classic carminative spices. It’s caffeine-free, vegan and certified paleo too. Give yourself a sweet belly rub and support your “second brain” with a comforting cup of this classic chai blend.

Primally Pure Blue Tansy Deodorant
Primally Pure (primallypure.com)

Finally! A natural deodorant that truly works. This deodorant is aluminum free and contains good-for-you organic ingredients including grass-fed tallow, fair trade coconut oil, arrowroot powder, beeswax and essential oils. It doesn’t clump throughout the day too.

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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