2018 NFM’s Fittest Dogs

1 1/2-year-old Golden Collie
Chewy loves all things outdoors and is keen on running and jumping the whole time! She has an incredible amount of energy. She mostly enjoys helping her mother train clients at Percy Warner and runs the steps far better than any human! @chewynyoda

3-year-old Blue Heeler
Roy is the ultimate running companion (both trail and roads) and is equally at home hanging at the crag while his dad, Randy, climbs or floats down the Buffalo River in either canoe or kayak. He recently completed the Music City Ultra 27K trail race in Pegram with his mom, Donica, who is 22 weeks pregnant. It may have been a little crazy, but he enjoyed every minute of it, swimming in the many creeks and cooling off in mud holes along the way. His biggest fitness accomplishment to date is a “fast packing” trip through Shenandoah National Park over Thanksgiving 2017. Fast packing is a supported run with all of your gear where you cover a lot more mileage then hiking. Roy did 24.9 miles Day 1 and 26.3 miles on Day 2. He carried a small pack with food, snacks, and a water dish and slept in the tent with us. When he’s not on an adventure, Roy loves to snuggle with his owners and sister Ava and is glued to them like velcro.

3-year-old and 2-year-old Aussies
Jordy and Polly are inseparable and are the first brother and sister Fittest Dogs! Never lacking energy, you can usually find these two Aussies walking through Sevier Park or trail running at Percy Warner with their dad. Jordy has great core stabilization, often posing sitting up on bollards in their “hood”. Both enjoy playing at The Belmont Pet Resort & Daycare usually running circles around their four-legged friends for hours on end. They are looking forward to summer where kayaking trips to local lakes and rivers are a regular family outing. In spite of their herding instinct, both enjoy swimming and playing in the water. Jordy is a pure bred Aussie from Kentucky. His energy level is typical of the breed and he excels in learning new tricks. Jordy is named for his favorite ex-Green Bay Packer, Jordy Nelson. Polly is an Aussie mix and is a rescue, a perfect addition to her active family. She enjoys chasing rabbits, squirrels, and birds whenever she can. @12SouthAussies

1.5-year-old German Shepherd
Evey is a big ball of energy that never stops. You can see and feel her high energy when you look into her big brown eyes, sometimes even before you open yours (with a little bit of dog drool on your face). This sweet lady loves to challenge anyone she meets to a fun game of tug-of-war! She’s a tough opponent for anyone and will not allow you to give up. She doesn’t believe in quitters. Drop the rope 100 times and Evey will put it right back in your hands, give you a paw on the shoulder, and stare at you with those empathetic brown eyes until you get back in the game!

5-year-old Mutt
This is Emma’s second time to make the “Fittest Dog” list. You can mostly find her working at getFIT615 with her mom where she greets every athlete as they enter, but she really enjoys the outdoors and is ready for anything. Her favorite places to hike are Beaman Park, Edwin Warner Park, and Fiery Gizzard Trail. @readyforemmathing

3 1/2-year-old Lab/Husky/Wolf
Rome has the energy of a puppy and an adventurous soul. She loves to be active all the time. For the first year of her life, she grew up mostly on a farm. Rome enjoys kayaking and relaxing in the hammock with her owner. She loves going on hikes and taking trips to the beach for a swim. Her favorite game is playing fetch with her tennis balls though. She is also a very talented singer. Whenever she hears a guitar, she sings right along to any song.

3-year-old Red Heeler
This girl is the energizer bunny of dogs! Ruby fetches, jumps, dives, rolls , and flips through life. Nothing makes her happier than spending hours playing soccer or flying through the air to catch a frisbee then cooling off with a swim in the creek. Ruby’s ideal date would be a wooly mammoth-sized bone dinner followed by a dip in the ocean and then chasing horses into the sunset. #whatsuproo

6-year-old Newfoundland
Gertrude, or Gertie for short, loves to swim, run, and play with her sister dogs, but she also loves playing fetch in the park. She’ll sometimes retrieve a dead squirrel or two just to mess with her mom and dad though. Gertie is a real farm (or yard) to table dog. She’s more of a sprint vs long distance runner, but she’s passionate about jumping head first into snow banks, chasing her tail, and getting to the dinner bowl as fast as she can.

2 1/2-year-old Boxer
Loretta, or Lo for short, has endless energy and is always the first to throw a punch. She can triple wiggle mid-air and counter surfs like a champ. The most unique aspect about Lo is that she is deaf, but it’s never held her back from living her best life. Lo frequents to the gym with her owner, Jamie Bullock, and joins her for weekend runs with her sister. Jamie even says Lo looks “way better than her in a bikini.” Lo has even developed her own form of CrossFit under-the-bar burpees. One of the fittest indeed!

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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