The popular fitness app makes another unexpected change. ClassPass Ditches Its Unlimited Plan

If you are a dedicated ClassPass member, you probably noticed a significant change in your plan last month. The popular fitness app announced it would no longer be offering its signature Unlimited plan. Naturally, there was a lot of buzz around the decision, but odds are we will not be seeing this plan coming back anytime soon.

Bottom line: unlimited fitness classes are just too good to be true.

ClassPass will now only be offering its Base and Core plans, which offer five or ten classes per month, costing $50 and $89 a month here in Nashville.

Per Co-Founder and CEO, Pyal Kadakia, ultimately, it was a business decision to make the platform more fair to its users and offering healthier margins for the company. “For every class taken, we paid our studio partners. The more classes that were taken, the more we paid. As you can imagine, our business costs increased rapidly. We simply couldn’t make the plan work for our business.”

The removal of the Unlimited option cost ClassPass ten percent of its user base respectively, as those who relied on ClassPass as their sole fitness program have bowed out altogether. Whether this latest move is an indication of worse things to come is anyone’s guess, though the company said it’s “actively experimenting and investing in new products.”

Kadakia also said that in the coming months, ClassPass would roll out on-demand video and workouts outside of the studio, including group runs and social features, which sounds almost like the beginnings of a “dating app.”

On the flip side, how does this change affect our local gyms and studios? ClassPass compensates its partners when you visit them for a workout allowing you to save on normal “drop-in” rates, but it also provides each partner with the upfront marketing awareness to their gym or studio.

Being able to only visit that gym twice a month now with ClassPass (instead of three) might encourage you to take advantage of some of the gym’s own promotions now though. Or will you just visit less?

Either way, we are anxious to see how ClassPass progresses as it’s clearly a big player in the health and fitness industry in Nashville. One can only hope they find a happy middle ground for both users and gyms along the way.