So you're finally ready for a new trainer. 5 Common Traits of Great Personal Trainers

by Jennifer Diaz
Photo by Kelsey Cherry

You’re finally ready. You’re tired of being intimidated at the gym, unsure of how to work the equipment, and bored of the handful of moves you know how to properly perform. You’re motivated, excited to see some results, and are considering hiring a personal trainer!

Too often I hear people say, “I should probably start working out before I hire a trainer.” It can be really intimidating, especially if your idea of a trainer is someone who yells at you until you (A) puke, (B) cry, or (C) both. First, let me just say, I personally don’t know any trainers who actually do those things in real life (outside of reality TV shows).

Hiring a trainer has so many incredible benefits! A good trainer will ensure you’re performing exercises correctly, keeping your workouts safe and effective. They will create workouts specifically for your goals and will motivate and keep you accountable along the way. Now, hiring the right trainer is an extremely important self-care decision. It can really make or break your entire exercise experience. You only get one body in this life, so you want to make sure it’s well taken care of. Not only that, but hiring a trainer can be a serious financial investment too, and you want to be sure it’s a worthy one.

So how can you find someone who can meet you at your current starting point, will understand your health history, and be able to motivate and guide you appropriately so that you can reach your goals? Below, I’ve listed 5 characteristics to look for when you’re working with a trainer, so you can be sure they’re the best fit for you!


While being certified doesn’t mean that a trainer knows and can do everything, I believe it is the foundation on which they build their career. It’s even better if they have a degree in an exercise science related field. Having a strong foundational knowledge of the basics of body movement and exercise physiology is very important in order for them to be effective. Not only will it allow them to design appropriate workouts for clients, but it also shows their level of dedication to their career and their clients.

Attaining a proper certification is no walk in the park. They take some serious effort and commitment. It also means they have to continue educating themselves to maintain their certification. This allows them to stay up-to-date on the latest research and most effective strategies in a field that is always developing and changing.

Make sure to ask about their current certification status. Remember you’re hiring them. You have every right to know why they are qualified to impact your health!


During your session with a trainer, they should be solely focused on you, correcting your form, encouraging you, and adjusting the workout when necessary. They should ask about your experience. Believe it or not, we actually want you to somewhat enjoy our time together.

If there’s a style of workout you know you love, let them know! If your goals have changed or you’re hoping to get something different out of the time you spend with them, don’t be afraid to speak up and kindly make your request. A good trainer will be happy to adjust the plan to better fit your preferences!


The goal of every good personal trainer is to teach their clients how to live a fit and healthy life on their own. They don’t use a ton of industry jargon, are more than happy to answer questions, and are eager to explain the whys behind the whats. We want our clients to know how to properly set goals, exercise, eat healthy, deal with stress, stay motivated, etc. Eventually, clients will spread their wings and fly, and we want them to feel confident about their abilities so they can continue to be successful and healthy!


They don’t diagnose you, they don’t sell you supplements, and they don’t prescribe you diets. This is a tough one for a lot of trainers, because nutrition plays a major role in health and wellness (especially when it comes to weight loss related goals). While they should absolutely teach you about healthy eating and even give you advice/suggestions for high protein breakfasts, healthy snack options, tips for incorporating more veggies into your meals, etc., they cannot give you a specific personalized diet plan. They also have no idea whether or not you have bursitis, tennis elbow, or what shape your knee cartilage is in. They can teach you stretching and foam rolling techniques that can help keep your muscles healthy and joints pain-free! But if you have pain that persists, seeing an appropriate specialist is the right choice.


If you’ve worked with another professional like a physical therapist or doctor, your trainer should be more than willing to collaborate! Just like other professionals, trainers have a specific scope of practice and skills depending on their level of certification. If you’re having trouble in an area outside the scope of practice of your trainer, they should be more than willing to help or even refer you to the appropriate professional (i.e. registered dietitians, wellness coaches, counselors, massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and physicians). Working with other professionals in the field has major advantages for all parties involved. Your health is extremely important and when everyone is collaborating and working well together, you have a much better chance at keeping yourself in tip top shape!

**If you’re working with some one who body shames you, makes you feel uncomfortable, unimportant, or judged, MOVE ON! Do not waste your time or money on someone who treats you poorly. You deserve to be treated with empathy and respect.

There are a lot of amazing trainers out there who can really have a positive impact on you while helping you achieve your fitness goals! Life is short, so be sure to fill it with positive things and people!

Jennifer Diaz